399 Coldharbour Lane


Founder & Creative Director

Carl has been working in the hair industry for 14 years and due to popular demand he set up his own creative space in Brixton in 2015. Since then, he has cultivated an international reputation for excellence, drawing in clients from all over the world.


His unbelievable creativity allows him to craft fashionable cuts and vibrant colours that set trends. He does this while always placing the health of your hair at the top of the priority list, using advanced techniques that will maintain the integrity of every strand. If you combine those two things with his amazing ability to make you smile even after the worst day, you have one of the premier hair stylists in the country!


Marvin Nelson

He’s been with the salon since 2017 and also has extensive experience at Hype and Rush hair salons. Marvin makes it his mission to truly understand his clients.


He believes that everyone has a natural sparkle and so enjoys creating a professional friendship with his clients, working hard to leave them smiling on their way out.


Rochelle Cephas

Rochelle has been with us since qualifying as a hairdresser back in 2015. She adds to the Carl Campbell culture with her bubbly and outgoing personality. Weaves and Presses are her specialities and she loves working in the salon!